Collection: PAM Style

PAM Style

Crafted for enthusiasts of 24mm lug width watches, especially Panerai models, our PAM Style strap represents a fusion of Artem's innovative design ethos with the rugged elegance synonymous with Panerai. It features Artem's distinguished synthetic, embossed surface, paired with an underside blend of leather and natural rubber (caoutchouc) for durability and comfort. This strap, inspired by our affinity for dive watches and superior craftsmanship, offers an excellent alternative to your original Panerai strap.

Incorporating Artem's signature materials, the PAM strap retains the iconic Panerai strap silhouette while infusing it with a robust and sturdy look that resonates with the Panerai brand's rugged charm. It's engineered for versatility, suitable for water activities, and includes stainless steel tubes in the lug holes for compatibility with OEM Panerai screws.

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